Monday, November 30, 2009


So I ordered all the extras I need to make my christmas bags last week from with Express 3-day shipping and it hasn't even been filled yet, let alone shipped! Their customer service email has kicked back all my emails saying it is an invalid address and the phone number kept saying that it is not a "current subscriber" and hangs up. I finally got thru and have been on hold forever. I really need my items so I can actually MAKE my bags!

I suppose I could put them together half-butted, but that wouldn't exactly be much of a "gift", now would it?

So I finally got in contact with a customer rep and they said it will be here today by 3pm, but could not provide a tracking number. So, we will see if it actually gets here! I am praying it does and I am also praying to be calm. My little girl is going nuts in my belly. Must be the stress!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2... BEHIND already!

I can't believe it! I am already behind! Oh well, life shall move along. I will still make my goals for mailings, but I'll have to rearrange a little bit. I didn't have enough interfacing to cut to start on any of the bags. I thought i had more, but it was actually iron-on adhesive! Crazy lady. Oh well, I should be getting some wednesday.
But, I do have all my exterior cuts for my 4 large bags, clutch bags, and 6 business card holders. I still need to cut all the linings out for ALL bags and cut out the wallets. I did make 2 of the business card holders to feel a bit more productive and to see how they will turn out. They are pretty cute and a snap to make!

Here is a pic of the exterior cut-out all bundled together and ready to sew (once interfacing arrives):

A close up:

Here is a picture of the outside and inside of the business card holder. Scrap felt can really come in handy!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 1

Okay so today is the first day of my own crafting challenge to make presents for all the ladies in my life this year. And boy do I have a lot to do! I decided today is the day I cut all of my materials for all the bags so that it goes much speedier when it comes to piecing. So here is the list of tasks I have set out for myself -all to be done by 12/7 for all items I need to ship and 12/21 for my "peeps" here.

*5 large bags
*4 or 5 clutches
*4 wallets
*1 dog collar pouch
*1 memory quilt block

Whew! I have it all planned out, so here's hoping! I'll take pictures of all my cuts once they're done.

I think I am going to use these tutorials for the clutch

the wallet
and the doggie pouch .
For the large bags I use a pattern that I modified to include pockets and a water bottle holder (we'll see how the water bottle holder works this time :0) )

OOPS! Just found this tutorial for a business card holder and I think I will have to make a few of these too with this felt I have lying around. It looks super easy and will be a nice addition to a few bags I think! Sheesh! I need to stop adding on things to my too long list!

Wish me luck all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Pictures to Start

These aren't the best pictures, they are off my Mom's cell phone. I need to take a real picture and then I will replace it.

Here is my V quilt. I still need to "stitch in the ditch" and I am going to do a diagonal stitch too. I don't know how to free motion quilt yet so I am just going to keep this simple. It is made of a bunch of 4" scrap squares, including the fabrics used to make her other blankets. It has a cute green quilted backing with butterflies on it.

This is a snuggle blanket with one side in super soft snuggle fleece and the other side in a cute lady bug flannel. I put her name on it and it is slightly off center, which irked me! Oh well! It's still cute!

Christmas Season and Gifts

Since I am not the "venture out on Black friday" kind of gal, I decided I am going to start on the plethora of sewing gifts for my loved ones for Christmas. Mostly it will be bags, clutches, and wallets. I have done pretty well with bags so far and will post pictures as I progress! Also, I have put together a few quick baby blankets for our soon-to-be Victoria and I will post those soon too.

And so it begins!

Welcome to the beginning of my blogging journey! I have decided to have a place to put all of my new sewing ventures for my memories and to share my journey as a beginning sewer! Hopefully there will be much more to come.