Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 1

Okay so today is the first day of my own crafting challenge to make presents for all the ladies in my life this year. And boy do I have a lot to do! I decided today is the day I cut all of my materials for all the bags so that it goes much speedier when it comes to piecing. So here is the list of tasks I have set out for myself -all to be done by 12/7 for all items I need to ship and 12/21 for my "peeps" here.

*5 large bags
*4 or 5 clutches
*4 wallets
*1 dog collar pouch
*1 memory quilt block

Whew! I have it all planned out, so here's hoping! I'll take pictures of all my cuts once they're done.

I think I am going to use these tutorials for the clutch

the wallet
and the doggie pouch .
For the large bags I use a pattern that I modified to include pockets and a water bottle holder (we'll see how the water bottle holder works this time :0) )

OOPS! Just found this tutorial for a business card holder and I think I will have to make a few of these too with this felt I have lying around. It looks super easy and will be a nice addition to a few bags I think! Sheesh! I need to stop adding on things to my too long list!

Wish me luck all!

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