Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2... BEHIND already!

I can't believe it! I am already behind! Oh well, life shall move along. I will still make my goals for mailings, but I'll have to rearrange a little bit. I didn't have enough interfacing to cut to start on any of the bags. I thought i had more, but it was actually iron-on adhesive! Crazy lady. Oh well, I should be getting some wednesday.
But, I do have all my exterior cuts for my 4 large bags, clutch bags, and 6 business card holders. I still need to cut all the linings out for ALL bags and cut out the wallets. I did make 2 of the business card holders to feel a bit more productive and to see how they will turn out. They are pretty cute and a snap to make!

Here is a pic of the exterior cut-out all bundled together and ready to sew (once interfacing arrives):

A close up:

Here is a picture of the outside and inside of the business card holder. Scrap felt can really come in handy!

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