Monday, November 30, 2009


So I ordered all the extras I need to make my christmas bags last week from with Express 3-day shipping and it hasn't even been filled yet, let alone shipped! Their customer service email has kicked back all my emails saying it is an invalid address and the phone number kept saying that it is not a "current subscriber" and hangs up. I finally got thru and have been on hold forever. I really need my items so I can actually MAKE my bags!

I suppose I could put them together half-butted, but that wouldn't exactly be much of a "gift", now would it?

So I finally got in contact with a customer rep and they said it will be here today by 3pm, but could not provide a tracking number. So, we will see if it actually gets here! I am praying it does and I am also praying to be calm. My little girl is going nuts in my belly. Must be the stress!

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