Thursday, December 10, 2009

Attempting a Diaper Bag Version

So I took a break from making the Christmas purses to try and make a diaper bag version with some of the left-over fabric I had. I really wanted to see if that many pockets would work in a medium-sized bag before I tried to make one for someone else. It's a pre-quilted material (since I am low on interfacing) so it ended up being quite thick with all the pocket layers.

Here is the outside (same pattern as all the others). I made a little pocket on the top for keys or chapstick.

Here is the inside. It has 2 diaper pockets, one for Dane and one for Victoria (it has their initials on each side) :) It has 2 pockets below that for wipes and whatever. There are also several small pockets for the little things that I can never find in my bag, like hand sanitizer.

The other side has 3 insulated pockets for bottles and snacks.

And here it is from the outside when it is completely filled. Not too bad. There are still several things I would change. I would make the bag slightly larger and the base wider to accommodate everything a kiddo needs.

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