Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wow it's been too long!

Well this has been a crazy month and somehow I got off the bloggin' wagon! I haven't made much, I made one new crib-rail protector for little Mr. Teether to help save the wood. I ned to take a picture of it but it is a really cute soft snuggle fleece with blue hearts on one side and regular blue fleece on the other side to help prevent scratching. It's really girly, but I figured that D will only be in that crib for a few more months before lil' sis takes over. She is already going to be using his boy bedding so having something girly will be nice. I have also cut out what I need to make new place-mats and a table runner but haven't had the time to sew it together. My goal is to have those done and shown on here before my Momma comes in to town in two weeks for my babyshower!! I have a couple other projects to do, too, that I can't wait to post here.

Soon enough I'll be back up and running!